Published on January 25, 2021

10 years of Destroyer's Kaputt

Intensely cryptic and yet approachable.

On this day 10 years ago the Canadian band Destroyer released their ninth album Kaputt. It was my introduction to the band, and, after expecting to hear something akin to death metal, I was surprised to hear a very infectious fusion of disco and jazz. All of this is wrapped up in front man Dan Bejar's one-of-a-kind voice and cryptic lyrics.

Here are some of my favorite snippets:

  • "I was born in the north, but my father's from the south. Love is a political beast with jaws for a mouth, I don't care. You're upset, and have every right to be. Regretfully you decline. Every night was a waste of time" - from Bay of Pigs
  • "Step out of your toga and into the fog. You are a prince on the ocean. In a pinch, in the sky, in your eye" - from Kaputt
  • "Four white pillars, Yankee style. All of America loves to lights his pipes. All of America live to light his pipe at night. To which Dixie responds, 'Free me'" - from Suicide Demo for Kara Walker

Since then Destroyer have released three more albums, all of them good in their own way. But Kaputt will likely remain my favorite of theirs.